Drainage Services


Based in Torquay, here at MJ Drains, we are and offer local drain services from our base in Devon. As part of our range of services, we offer CCTV surveys, water jetting, patch lining, root cutting, excavations and carry out work using mechanical machinery. Whether you have a drainage emergency and need urgent help, or you simply want to attend to the drain system on a property for regular maintenance.

CCTV surveys enable to us determine what the problem is when you require our drain unblocking service, without the need for unnecessary excavation work. This is a faster and cheaper solution, that will allow us to fix the issue in the best way possible. For example, it may simply be a case of carrying out high-pressure water jetting. This can clear drains and remove the toughest grime and dirt, ensuring there are no more obstacles in the system, allowing the liquid to flow easily.

We may find that there is a problem with the form of the drain pipes. One solution to this is to carry out patch lining. This avoids the hassle of replacing piping completely, supporting the pipe with a new layer of lining.

If we discover a root intrusion in your drainage system, we can perform our specialist service of root cutting. Roots can block and damage pipes, so it is best to nip it at the bud when any roots are interfering with your drain pipes. Additionally, we do carry out drain excavations when necessary. This may be the case if your drainage system is severely damaged. Although costlier, in some case it is the only option.

Here at MJ Drains, we also have the mechanical machinery necessary to carry out work on stack pipes for descaling and removing concrete from drains, and grease and fat from kitchen areas. If you’re looking for domestic drain services, for more information about our drainage services, get in touch and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have for us.


We are able to provide CCTV drain surveys to eliminate the slow and expensive option of digging out the drain to find out what the problem is with your drains.


High pressure water jetting is a cost effective method used to clear drains. This method can clean off even the toughest grime and dirt, leaving behind a clear drain.


By lining a pipe the hassle of a replacement can be avoided. However it isn’t always necessary, and we can use patch liners to increase the support around the problem.


Root intrusion is a major factor in blocked drains & damaged pipes. At MJ Drains we specialise in dealing with root removal from drainage systems.


When drains become severly damaged it is likely that excavation will be required to repair the issue. This is the more costly solution but in some cases the only option.


Mechanical machinery for areas such as stack pipes for descaling & removing concrete from drains and grease and fat from kitchen areas.



Our team are highly experienced in providing fast drain clearing services throughout Devon & Cornwall.