Drain Excavations

MJ Drains Ltd provide drain excavations, Cornwall can call upon, when extensive plumbing works are needed, or when drains are damaged beyond normal non-excavational repairs. 

Over time, our drains, much like the houses we live in and the buildings we work in, are subject to wear and tear, and without proper maintenance can eventually break down.  Pests, tree roots and a build up of dirt and grime, and flooding can all take their toll on our drainage systems.  To ensure we are providing you with the correct service for your drains, MJ Drains will carry out CCTV surveys to scope out the damage and assess the need for repairs.  At times, however, that means that we must carry out drain pipe excavation and replace the whole pipework, rather than conduct repairs.

Many things can have a bearing on the need for us to carry out a drain pipe excavation.  Cornwall residential areas, for example, may have new local building projects that require their own plumbing access, that will impact on the existing pipework, therefore requiring new pipes with a better capacity to deal with the new sewage and drainage works.

Our drainage engineers are professional specialists, capable of undertaking repairs and drain excavations whether it is just for one connecting pipe, or for the whole area.  The drain excavation cost therefore, is comparable to the amount of work needed.  However, you can be sure that the team will fully and expertly assess the needed repair work and only undertake excavational work if it is absolutely necessary.  Our aim, is to get your drains up and running in a way that will allow you to fully rely on the drainage works in your home and place of work, making life easier and reducing further damage, due to poor drainage systems, to your property in the future.

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