Drain Repairs

Here at MJ Drains we are fully equipped to carry out any needed drain repairs should your drainage systems suffer a malfunction, or even if you require some general maintenance repairs to improve and maintain the condition of your drains, reducing the likelihood of further problems down the line, such as a drain collapse.

Our specialist drain service is available in the event of an emergency blocked drain that might be as a result of roots breaking through and infiltrating your drains, or debris and surrounding hardcore penetrating your drains.  Unlike in times past, when excavation was the only way to repair any damage to your underground drainage works, trenchless root cutting, drain lining and drain patch repairs now mean that we can fix the problem with minimal disruption to your premises and the surrounding land.  Our drain lining systems involves inserting and curing a new layer to the interior of your drain wall, smoothing over the breaks and cracks and reinforcing the structure and integrity of your drains.

We can carry out routine drain inspection, to ascertain state of your drainage systems.  For example, no matter what the construction is, all structures are subject to the wear and tear that comes over time.  As our drains are mostly underground, it can be difficult to know the extent of any possible damage or disrepair.  If we find that your drains have a back up of dirt and debris, then once we have carried out drain line jetting, we can use our CCTV surveying cameras to examine the walling of your drains, including what may have caused the blockage, and any damage the blockage may have caused to your waste water drains.

So, if you are looking for drain companies to help repair your drains, then contact us for our professional and fully equipped drain service at MJ Drains.