Root Cutting

If you were to leave your house and garden areas unmaintained, they would eventually become overgrown by grass and other plant life.  What some people fail to realise is that even the parts of our homes which are beneath the surface of the ground can be effected by plants.  If we fail to keep on top of plant growth, it doesn’t take long for nature to begin to reassert itself.

The underground parts of plants don’t grow leaves and shoots – instead, they put out roots.  Roots can be thick and strong, and work their way into little gaps.  Because of this, root growth can soon cause damage to underground drainpipes, causing them to break or blocking them completely.

That’s why many emergency drainage companies also work as root cutting companies – we have the equipment and expertise to trim back the plants and repair the damage.  At MJ Drains, root cutting services are part of the standard set of measures we use to keep Torquay drains working as they should.

No one wants a root cutting company digging up their whole foundations or garden to trim back the overgrowth of plants beneath the surface.  Fortunately, we can provide root cutting solutions the same way we provide many of the other services we offer our customers – through a convenient access point on your property.  Only in extreme cases will we have to resort to excavation, and even then, our trained and professional staff have what it takes to perform this job quickly and smoothly.

It’s pleasant to have a home which is surrounded by plant life, but it’s also important to keep mother nature where she belongs – both above and below ground!  To find out more about our services including root cutting Cornwall customers can get in touch with us online today.