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Drain lining is the favoured solution of drainage repair companies up and down the UK, and has been in effective use since the 1970’s.  Since that time, drainage experts have perfected its application, providing new ways to keep drainage systems up and running for longer, for both domestic households and for commercial properties, with repairs that can be undertaken with very little disruption to the grounds of the property, or the routine of its occupants.

In 1971, Eric wood discovered a leak in his pipes that was emanating from under his garage.  Rather than dig up his garage floor, thus disturbing his home and displacing his things, he came up with another way to repair the problem.  If he could find some way to reinforce the drain pipe wall, from the inside, smoothing over whatever cracks and breaks had occurred, it would save him, not only from having to dig and ruin his property, but a lot of time and money as well.

This is now known as ‘trenchless’ or a ‘no-dig’ repair solution, providing customers experiencing drainage problems due to damage and disrepair with a quick solution, and excellent results.  Due to the use of CCTV technology, we can now precisely apply drain lining repairs to any breakages to your drains.

Drain lining companies use an epoxy resin substance that hardens when mixed with an accelerator to saturate a fibre glass lining material.  This lining is then inserted into the drains using CCTV equipment to ensure it is put exactly in place.  This can be done manually or using a calibration hose.  Once the pipe is in place the hose, or bladder is inflated to push the epoxy impregnated drain lining out towards the inner wall structure.  This patch is then held in position while the resin hardens effectively becoming a brand-new pipe inside the drain works.  These methods allow for extensive repairs to be done, and can also be applied to smaller ‘spot treatments’ using patch lining.

This repair technique has also been used and adapted to allow for repairs for top hat drains (the connection that brings the lateral drain into contact with the communal sewer pipes) as well as other complex drainage works.  Not only that, but the epoxy resin material can last up to 50 years, greatly extending the life of your drains, at a fraction of the cost of excavation and new drain installation.

From the day your drains where installed, they have been subject to the decay and general wear and tear that all man-made structures experience.  Due to the fact that our drains and sewer works are underground, it can be easy for us all to forget that they may need attention.  Over time, tree roots may have gotten into your drains causing any joins or breaks to widen and increase in severity.  Vermin may have also compromised the structure of your drains.  The general use that drains experience can also wear away at the walling over time.  Therefore, if you have an older property, or you haven’t had a drainage company out for quite some time to carry out drainage services, to see if you require our drain lining systems, then it is highly recommended that you contact MJ Drains, and book an appointment.

Drain lining costs depend upon the severity of the damage that needs repairing, but ultimately are a lot less costly than having your drains excavated and replaced.  Also, the quicker your local drainage company applies the drain lining solutions, the less it will impact on other drainage lines causing yet more damage to your underground pipework.

So, for drain lining Cornwall customers should contact our reliable company that has all of the equipment and knowledge needed to achieve a professional finish.