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Everyone of us at some time or another will know what it’s like to have to deal with a plumbing or drainage problem associated with a blockage, evident by slow draining sinks, baths and showers, toilets that are backing up, bad smells, and even possible flooding.  With so many ‘how-to’ videos available on the internet, as well as a whole host of chemicals and gadgets, all designed to unblock drains and flush out obstructions to the water flow, it may seem that there is no need to call out a drain unblocking service.  But is that really the case?

A blockage can be the result of multiple causes due to external or internal factors.  For example, grease and fats, left over food from the washing up, hair, and other unpleasant items can build up in the pipework of your drains.  However, although most people assume that it is what is washed down your plugs and toilets that causes a drain blockage, it is also equally likely that the obstruction comes about as a result of tree and plant roots infiltrating your drains, cracks and breakages in the wall, vermin that have gained access, or a build-up of limescale.  Whereas chemical un-blockers may manage to clear away some of these, by breaking down whatever is hindering the flow, it will only ever have limited success, and some blockages will not be affected, especially if it is further down in the drainage system.

Drainage Companies offer services that you cannot perform yourself, such as pipe jetting or root cutting.  Cornwall and Devon can call upon MJ Drains as the local drain services to trust when a blockage occurs.  Rather than guessing at the reason for the drain blockage, and trying to apply a surface solution such as using a plunger or pouring down expensive and environmentally harmful chemicals down your sinks and toilets, we carry out a drain inspection to ascertain the exact place the blockage comes from.  We do this by using our CCTV surveying equipment, which is be used to find a specific blockage, or even to provide an overall report of the condition of your entire drainage works.  For a drain survey Cornwall, Devon and surrounding areas should book with MJ Drains today.

Once we have found the exact location of the problem, as well as what it is exactly that is causing the blockage, we provide thorough and effective sewer and drain cleaning.  Jet washing and rodding are the two most common kinds of pipe cleaning.  The pressure from the water jetting is string enough to cut through even the toughest roots from trees.  Drain descaling can also be tackled and completely removed using rotational saws and other descaling tools.

When the blockage is caused by something more serious, such as a collapse of the pipework, no amount of cleaning fluid, or jet washing will help to resolve the problem.  When the walling of your pipes is cracked or broken down, the surrounding debris, and hardcore then infiltrates your drains.  Although your drains may work for a while, rather than any sewage and waste water being removed from your property, you may instead have a leak, that could create bad smells and even flooding in other parts of your premises.  A professional drainage company such as ours provides advanced no digging repairs, using the latest techniques, material and equipment.  This will save you a lot of time and money.  However, if you leave a problem, you may find that the blockage or damage will only get worse, and if a problem persists, you may then require more serious work, such as excavation and new installation.

For more information on how we can help you with your drains, please feel free to contact us today.